Darmstädter Echo · "...A Swiss of Hungarian origin, Barbara Meszaros, brought cries of 'bravo' with her performance of Lauretta's aria from Puccini's 'Gianna Schicci'. Her creative interpretation, both beautiful and yet intensive, won the hearts of the audience."
Frankfurter Rundschau · " Gretel Barbara Meszaros was graceful and nimble as a ballet dancer, with a sonorous soprano as well."
Der neue Merker · "...the general presence of the bellboy Oscar by Barbara Meszaros was given, which was shown by her flexible fine timbered voice and her merciual game attracted attention..." · "...Barbara Meszaros celebrated an attentively applauded comeback to the Opera of Darmstadt as a superlative more agile and boyish Oscar and has reconquered her old fan community by assault..."
Der Landbote · "...the bellboy Oscar, is being interpreted by the "Winterthurerin" (wintertouring) Barbara Meszaros. In this production she has a particular splendid entrance, once because she meets the requirements of the bellboy's brilliant music with a great musical verve, also because the director has adopted the figure with a special interest, who has made her to the king's enigmatic partner figure: A lot of action, which Barbara Meszaros fills with profiled stage presence and in the sovereign go together of singing and game..."
Das Opernnetz · "...Barbara Meszaros brilliant as Oskar..."
Echo Online · "...Barbara Meszaros is the lively bellboy Oscar, charming in dance-like moves, beady in the lightly appealing soprano..."
Neuss - Grevenbroicher Zeitung · "...and when all enlisted musician meet the requirements of highest yardsticks- especially impressing Barbara Meszaros made music. Already her first chimes in Mozart's aria "Plasmator Deus" touches with opulence, quietscence and expressiveness. As she prolonged chimes modulated and arcs constructed, griped the whole hall. Barbara Meszaros filled the hall with richness of tone, that's why the little organ of the chapel, played by Wolfgang Kleber, partial fell into the background..."
Darmstädter Echo · "Barbara Meszaros is idealy cast as Susanns. She brought the roule of clever chambermaid to a peak, gracefully acting and singing splendidly."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung · "BBarbara Meszaros with a clear luscious soprano voice was a bewitching Sophie, floating featherlight across the stage and jet heavily digging the sharols of her imagined paradise."
Darmstädter Echo · "Barbara Meszaros conquered the high range of Sophie with a perfectly placed voice which grew in strength in last time. It was priceless to see the way she tried to free herself from her closed environment with a dashing dance."
Die Presse (Wien) · "...a slim, elegantly dircted soprano is Barbara Meszaros' Susanna,..."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung · "...the most pleasing was Barbara Meszaros as Sidi. She moved with superior and easy rarity and showed herself to be secure in coloratura."
Darmstädter Echo · "...the soprano Barbara Meszaros was with form and voice the ideal Fairydoughter Sidi. She sang lightening clean coloratura and portrayed her role with gracefulness and reseve."
Hessischer Rundfunk 2 (german radio station) · "...most noteworthly was soprano Barbara Meszaros, who drew all eyes and ears with her portrayal of the princess. The brilliance and technical bravour of her voice was especially noticeable in the long coloratura passages of her solo aria, but also heard in the soft cabalella of the love duet with prinz Lulu."
Kärntner Tageszeitung · "...most noticeable was the secure coloratura of Barbara Meszaros as Carolina."
Frankfurter Rundschau · "...with Barbara Meszaros as ravishing Carolina on the top..."
Fritz Magazin · "...Vocally and dramatically superpresent, Barbara Meszaros in the role of the quicksilver, much idolized Carolina."
Darmstädter Echo · "...Barbara Meszaros plays Carolina with exceptional enthusiasm and joy. Accompanied by elegant gestures, her soprano is truly impressive, ranging from light, empty small talk to passionate expression."
Maintal Tagesanzeiger · "...Meszaros seduces with a colorful timbre, thereby strongly upgrading the rather small roll of sister Sou-Chong."
Slovo (Prag) · "...Hvezdou mozartovského programu Prazského komorního orchestru se stala pevkyne Barbara Meszarósová ze Svýcarska. Svúj lehký koloraturní soprán jedinecne uplatnila v Mozartove motetu Exultate jubilate ... jehoz virtuózní nástrahy zvádla beze zbytku, a stejne dominoval její hlas i ve velké Msi c moll, v díle, které zustalo sice torzem, avsak které predstavuje v Mozartove tvorbe jakýsi protejsek pozdnímu Requiem."

"...Barbara Meszaros from Swizerland became a star in the Prag Chamber Orchestra's Mozart-Programm. She was outstanding in the Mozart-Motette "Exultate jubilate" engaging her voice with timeless virtuosity. Her voice was equally dominant in the great "C-minor Mass"..."
Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz · "...Barbara Meszaros shines as Blondchen vocally as well as dramatically."
Frankfurter Rundschau · "...What bravura (and with such ease of performance), such coloratura combined with such coquettishness entrancing the audience, whose applause justifiably held up proceedings for a while."
Darmstädter Echo · "...capricious, natural but thoughtful, her superb bravura performance is brilliant in, with effortless coloratura."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung · "...Barbara Meszaros' Zerbinetta with her pithy, quicksilver, effortless coloratura sets her apart from other singers."
Alto Adige · "...La stella della serata si è rivelata Barbara Meszaros ... ha infatti cantato la parte dell'arcangelo Gabriele in modo brillante, mostrando ancora una volta una voce ricca di vibrato, dosato nei piani e nei forti, potente ma sempre curata. Un talento naturale, vista la scioltezza con cui canta, apparentemente senza alcuna fatica, con il sorriso sempre stampato sul volto, ma anche una voce lavorata dallo studio, acquisendo una tecnica perfetta, senza sbawature. Nella parte di Eva, nel finale dell'orario, ha mostrato poi un' interpretatione più passionale,..."

"...The star of the evening, Barbara Meszaros, was a revelation .... she sang the part of the Archangel Gabriel simply brilliantly, once again showing a voice rich in vibrato, in both soft and loud passages, powerful but always controlled. A natural talent, she sings with visible expertise yet without any effort and always with a smile on her face. But also with a voice perfected through study and practice with a perfectly acquired technique, simply flawless. In the role of Eva at the conclusion of the Oratorio she displayed an even more passionate interpretation."
Solothurner Zeitung · "...She masters the coloratura of her part, which is considered to be 'terribly difficult' indeed the most difficult, with such ease that it would seem there were absolutely no difficulties there at all."
Journal du Jura · "...en contraste absolut, la fraîcheur et l'innocence de Zerbinetta, personnifiée avec grâce et assurance par Barbara Meszaros, encore élève au Studio d'opéra. La philosophie légère ... s'accompagne d'un fantastique étalage d'acrobaties vocales."

" absolute contrast, the freshness and innocence of Zerbinettta as personified with grace and assurance by Barbara Meszaros, another student of the Studio d'opéra. The delicate artistry ... accompanied by a display of fantastic vocal acrobatics."
Bieler Tagblatt · "...Barbara Meszaros stood out from the troup with her refined yet glorious soprano, her Zerbinetta receiving tumultuous applause."


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